Wyvern House – Specialist Learning Support & Wellbeing Centre

Mayville’s new Specialist Learning Support & Wellbeing Centre offers a calm ‘home from home’ environment for children with neurodiverse needs, to build confidence and prepare them for the next stage of their educational journey.

Our child-centred approach provides pupils with the care and emotional support they need to flourish. At the heart of this provision is a multi-disciplinary team, which includes an occupational therapist, speech and language therapist, mental health counsellor, learning specialists and even an on-site therapy dog.

Learning experiences are delivered in line with your child’s EHCP. Small group teaching, one-to-one support and partnership with our broader school resources, ensure that all pupils have the structure and security they need to become the best versions of themselves.


What is Wyvern House?


We understand that the path you have traveled before now might have been difficult; mainstream schools may not have been a good fit for your child and your relationship with education to date might not always have felt wholly positive.

At Wyvern House, we have the skills, facilities and expertise to provide you with an altogether better experience. Our team are dedicated to getting things right for children with SEND or an EHCP.

Working together with families, we gather information and specialist reports, to enable us to make the necessary adjustments for each and every pupil. Mirroring a mainstream core curriculum whilst providing a ‘home from home’ feel, our provision helps to keep anxieties to a minimum and allows pupils to enjoy their journey through secondary education.

Lessons in Wyvern House are carried out, as far as possible, without the noise or interruptions that might disrupt or cause stress to the learner.

Who is Wyvern House for?

Social, emotional or mental health needs can prevent pupils from accessing a mainstream education. Children with SEND and/or an EHCP are likely to need additional support or support that is delivered in a different way, in order to help unlock their learning potential.

With the support of our highly experienced specialist teaching and therapeutic staff, pupils are able to overcome their barriers and develop the skills and confidence they need to take the next steps in their lives.

Why choose us?

From the outset, we work with you to ensure that we fully understand your child’s needs, alongside the recommendations on the EHCP.

It is our firm belief that the parent-school relationship is as important as the pupil-teacher relationship. Both the school and home environments are vital in enbling your child to thrive.

Success is the shared priority of the parent-school relationship, to deliver the best outcomes for your child, through jointly-agreed strategies and approaches to learning, behaviour and emotional support.


How is Wyvern delivered?


Full-time pupils access a core curriculum of English, Maths, PSHEE and PE along with therapeutic and emotional support from our specialist staff.

Our blended learning pupils access core curriculum of English, Maths, PSHEE and PE, along with therapeutic and emotional support from our specialist staff. They are also able to access other subjects to study on our main teaching site.

Wyvern pupils will be entered for the qualifications which are most appropriate for them, in relation to their ability, personal preferences, interests and aspirations.

The academic package that we provide is always unique to the individual student.

Within our provision, we are able to offer a range of formal qualifications, including GCSE, iGCSE, BTEC, RSL and Pearson Edexcel Functional Skills qualifications.

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