Mayville's wellbeing dog, Roxy

Throw a Bone to Wyvern House

Throw a Bone to Wyvern House

Authors: Freya Scowen, James Watson, Kaitlyn Chelton, Charlie Alderton & Max Ivemey
3rd July 2023.

This article was written by pupils during a journalism workshop hosted by The Portsmouth News at Portsmouth Grammar School and was published in the paper as part of their 'Young Voices' feature on 3rd July 2023.

Meet Roxy. Roxy is a therapy dog and Mayville High School's latest addition and a welcome part indeed. She was added to help those who need to de-stress. Students and Staff are very excited to welcome her to the school as the school has never had a therapy dog before. Mayville held a trial day and everyone enjoyed having a dog around the school. Roxy will have her own room at Wyvern House which is Mayville's Brand new Specialist Learning Support and Wellbeing Centre. However, Roxy will take frequent walks around school to get to know the pupils. 

Mayville has a very supportive environment and therefore pupils would have no hesitation to visit Wyvern house to use Roxy’s services if needed. Roxy is overqualified with her bronze, silver and gold standard training and cuteness. Roxy’s owner, Maz explained that Roxy became a therapy dog in the hope that, “She could bring lots of joy to people as much as she brings joy to me." Maz, a Mayville staff member, says that Roxy loves being a therapy dog because, “Her tail always wags.” – who wouldn’t love attention and belly rubs?

Wyvern House, Mayville's new Specialist Learning Support & Wellbeing Centre

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Roxy is a part of Mayville High School's recently unveiled expansion that came in the form of a Specialist Learning and Education building called Wyvern House. The unit is set to open at the start of the next school year for those aged 8-16 years old. Mayville prides itself on its unique and inclusive learning and this addition further cements this core ideal in the school. Struggling students can visit whenever they need help and the final goal is to improve mental health and especially for those on various neurodivergent spectrums (such as Autism and ADHD) who do not fit well into mainstream education due to social and communication difficulties.

Headteacher Rebecca Parkyn and the trustees have been working on the unit for two years and it shows.

In the past, we have had to decline admission to pupils who require an entirely bespoke curriculum as well as a separate house in which to work. This is now going to change with the recent acquisition of 24 St Simon’s Road."
Rebecca Parkyn, Headteacher.
The building will contain a mixture of facilities and staff dedicated to helping all students who enter its doors. Firstly, Wyvern House boasts a sensory room and garden for those who get overstimulated by the loud atmosphere of a busy school. Mayville will also hire a new team of staff, consisting of specialist teachers, speech therapists and language therapists who will work alongside existing staff. The building will also provide a base for the many support staff who already aid students who have specific needs. This is all thanks to an anonymous donor who gave the money required to purchase the building.

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