Mayville's wellbeing dog, Roxy

Throw a Bone to Wyvern House

Pupils from our School Newspaper Club write for the Portsmouth News on the opening of Wyvern House and the role of our therapy dog, Roxy.

The power of performance

Harnessing the Power of Performance

Whether dreaming of a life on stage or simply enjoying taking part, we are proud to play an essential role in opening children’s eyes to the possibilities of performance.

Pupil Voice in Year 7 English

Pupil Voice in Year 7 English

Our Head of English reflects on the importance of pupil voice in shaping the curriculum and helping pupils transition to senior school.

The power of listening

The Importance of Pressing Pause

Mrs Matthias-Rosser with a reminder of the impact you can make if you just stop, pause the to-do list and really listen to the person you are with.

LGBT+ History Month

Shining the Light on LGBT+

During LGBT+ History Month, PSHE Co-ordinator & English teacher, Mrs Hardcastle, highlights the importance of celebrating diversity in literature.

Tackling the reluctant reader

Tackling the Reluctant Reader

When your child doesn’t love reading as much as you: how to tackle the reluctant reader. Mrs Matthias-Rosser offers some lockdown tips.